Coaching is a process that seeks to support individuals to discern for themselves what their needs are and how they can best align themselves so that their lives – both personal and professional – are fulfilling and they are working towards a place of wholeness, or self-actualisation. In other words, a place where there is health, balance and creativity.

Allyson has a coaching qualification from Coaching and Mentoring International and has coached many people over the past decade to help them explore who they are, and who they are becoming.

Client Comments

“Allyson is amazing. Being with her is like being with your guardian angel. Allyson has helped me understand myself, identify what it was that made me unhappy, and made me realise my own potential. Allyson has give me the courage to make changes that I never thought possible. And the best part is: it is you that realise it for yourself.”

Coaching Client, Legal professional and Arts student